Davidson River School

Blizzard Bags




DRS will be sending home Blizzard Bags with students in the upcoming days.  When Transylvania County Schools call a “Virtual Day” students will complete the assignments found inside their Blizzard Bags.  The Blizzard Bag is an alternative to having to make up missed days, (not having to take away workdays, Spring Break or extending the school year).  Inside the bags, you will find pencils, colored pencils, a pen, various types of paper, and assignments from each of your child's teachers .  If we are unable to attend school on one day, students would complete the activities for each class period for Day 1.  If we must be out a second day, complete Day 2 activities for each class period.  If we are unable to attend school for 3 days the Blizzard Bag contents would be completely finished.  Students with online courses who have access to a computer should work on those courses (NCVPS, BRCC or Edgenuity).  Students MUST complete the work in each of their four classes in order to be counted present for each day missed.   If you have any questions about the assignments, please do not hesitate to ask your child's teacher.  Teachers will be available online throughout the day on Virtual Days to assist students with assignments.


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